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High Roller, like all such fantasies, was first conceived in the heart of Richard Fox!  Richard is the proud owner of Richard's Mobile Tire Service in Oceanside, California. After approximately eight months of dreaming, planning, building, hard work, sweat, and most of all dedication, Richard's fantasy became reality when he drove High Roller for the first time in July of 1994. High Roller, by nature of the beast, is a

Monster Truck

But he is mild mannered, more congenial and moves at a slower pace than his counterparts.

High Roller is built on a 5-ton military chassis and running gear which includes 16 rusted chrome shocks and chrome caged drive shafts. He is proud of his Chevrolet Body which was originally a unique service truck for the Tire Shop. He is powered by a 454 cubic inch, 600 horsepower Chevrolet Engine. High Roller tips the scales at 12,000 plus pounds.  

What gives High Roller his height and personality are 66/43.00-25 tires which are 66 inches tall and 43 inches wide. High Roller boasts of being 11 feet tall and 12 feet 3 inches wide. He is a free spirit with 4-wheel drive and 4-wheel steering.  

High Roller likes to strut his stuff in parades and display his style at city festivities, dealerships, businesses, etc. How well traveled is the location of your establishment? Would you like a traffic stopper? Would you like potential customers to sharply turn their heads as they pass by??  

High Roller has a reputation for turning heads in his direction. He is a guaranteed traffic stopper!!!  

High Roller was sold in late 2006 and called “HOG WILD”      

High Roller was again sold in 2015 to its original monster truck frame builder




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